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Alpha One Hospital | Multispeciality Hospital in Kharghar

Alpha One Hospital is a 24-bed hospital located in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, with state-of-the-art modern facilities. The hospital facility and services have been engineered around the needs of patients and society.

The Centre for Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery at Alpha One Hospital is one of the few centres in India with both advanced laparoscopic and advanced laser surgery. It is committed to placing patients’ needs first.

The Centre continuously demonstrates excellent outcomes by utilising highly trained surgeons, providing compassionate bedside care, and offering the best technology options. Surgeons at Alpha One Hospital perform over 1,000 minimally invasive laparoscopic and laser surgery cases annually.

Alpha One Hospital | Multispecility Hospital In Kharghar


There are several reasons why you should choose Alpha One as your private healthcare service provider. Here is why:


Laparoscopy GI Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Advanced Laparoscopy

Weight Loss Management



Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery


Benefits Of Laparoscopic Surgery


2 Fully equipped operating rooms specifically Designed for all Advanced surgical procedures.

Laminar airflow with Hepa-fiters in OT.

High-end Resuscitative & anesthesia equipment.

Alpha one Hospital

Image intensifier 

Laparoscopic Gynecology






What if I have to cancel my appointment?

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you need to cancel your appointment make sure you call us or email us at least 1 day prior to appointment.


How Can I Contact You?

Please visit contact us page for all your queries and redressal of grievances. You can also contact us on +91 937 208 2308 number.


What are the facilities available in the hospital?

Our Hospitals are multispecialty hospitals and offer the complete range of medical and surgical specialties, with highly experienced doctors.


What procedures will I have in the Emergency Department?

Treatments and procedures may include lab work, radiological studies, CAT scans, ultrasound, EKG for cardiac review, medication administration and physician evaluations.

How is the Emergency Department staffed?

The department is staffed with emergency medicine physicians and nurses, physician assistants, technicians, CNAs and unit coordinators along with specialists from the laboratory, cardiology, respiratory and radiology departments.

Will I be allowed to have visitors during my treatment?

Yes, usually, but the number of visitors in the emergency treatment area is kept to a minimum. Occasionally, visitors will be asked to remain in the ED lobby until your loved one is placed into the room and settled into their environment. Usually, two visitors per patient are allowed in most areas of the department.

This gives the emergency team sufficient space to do their job quickly and effectively. And it ensures that patients are receiving the best medical care possible while maintaining an appropriate level of privacy. Every effort is made to keep your loved ones informed of your condition and allow them to be with you when possible.

What happens if I am admitted?

Upon admission to the hospital, you will remain in the Emergency Department until your inpatient room is ready. Your admitting physician will visit you during their designated “patient rounds.”


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