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Obstetrics Management

Obstetrics deals with the treatment of expectant mothers, unborn children, labor and delivery, and the period just after childbirth. To guarantee that labor and delivery go well and that they are carried out swiftly and safely, the obstetrician ensures that the mother and child receive the most excellent prenatal care.

Obstetrics focuses especially on the health of the pregnant mother and her unborn child. Ectopic pregnancy, in which the embryo is in the fallopian tube, fetal discomfort brought on by compression, issues with the placenta, and high blood pressure, which can be a sign of pre-eclampsia, are just some of the complications or emergencies that can occur during pregnancy.

Obstetrician & Gynecologist in Kharghar


The obstetrician guarantees that both mother and child are safely led through all stages of pregnancy and labor since they are educated in these and many other childbirth difficulties. An obstetrician is prepared to address any change during labor, a natural but occasionally challenging procedure, whether the child is delivered vaginally or through a scheduled or emergency cesarean section.

Following delivery, an obstetrician is concerned with both the mother’s and the baby’s health to ensure that neither suffers from the fatal complications that were common a century ago and, sadly, are still happening in third-world nations.

Pregnancy and labor have become life-changing events thanks to the medical specialty of obstetrics, which may now be welcomed with assurance because modern science has made the process safe and predictable.

According to WebMD, obstetrics management includes:

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