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Orthopedics & Spine Department

The department provides specialized care in the fields of complex trauma, polytrauma, and related subspecialties. Our hospitals provide personalised orthopaedic care based on the latest research and evidence-based medicine. Management of bone, joint, and musculoskeletal disorders is provided by the department.

We take care of many procedures, including joint replacements, knee replacements, hip replacements, shoulder replacements, arthritis surgeries, and custom implant surgery. It is our specialty to treat sports-related injuries, which can be extremely painful and traumatic for the injured person. Our sports medicine team works with surgeons to ensure a fast recovery for athletes. Other routine procedures include hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle arthroscopy; rotator cuff repair; subacromial decompression; and msaicrominal and articular cartilage implantation.

Among the procedures we offer are hand & upper limb surgery, including fractures, soft tissues of the hand, fractures that are malunited, infections of the hand and upper limb crush, hand injuries, tendon repair, nerve reconstruction, tumours of the hand and upper limb, congenital deformities, rheumatoid hand, soft tissue affections, elbows, radial heads, and joint replacements.

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